Underground Construction Technology

Mixing Plant and Pumping System

For tunnel construction, a tunnel boring machine (TBM) is used for excavation. The TBM Backfill Grout Mixing Plant is an important part of Grout Solution Transport. We can design equipment to suit the needs and budget according to the project of the customer.

Cleaner ball and Rubber Tube

During TMB excavation for more distance, grout material will accumulate in pipeline.  It will reduce area of pipeline and flow rate of grout solution. We recommend using cleaner ball to remove the material inside the pipeline.

High quality precision made hose pump tube, using the very highest quality compounded rubber materials, reenforce with multilayers braided nylon & a manufacturing process that ensures precise and constant dimensional tolerances at every point to the entire length of hose.

TBM Cutters and Wire Brush Seals

We offer TBM accessories and spare parts for customer needs. We mainly provide the TBM Cutters as below:

·       Soft Ground Cutters

·       TBM Disc Cutters

·       TBM Disc Cutter Rings

·       Wire Brush Seals

TBM Tail Grease Products

 We offer a selection of tail seal grease products inclusive of first fill grade suitable for use in shielded tunnel boring machine (TBM), where wire brushes are used to form a barrier between the tail shield and concrete segments. Our tail grease products effectively seal off any ingress of water, muck and backfill grout back into the tail end of the TBM. The tail seal grease range shows excellent adhesion properties to all substrates and good pumping properties.

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